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Saving you time, money, and headaches when it comes to all-things Zoning in Philadelphia.

Contact us today to hand over your zoning and permitting woes.

Philadelphia Zoning handles all of your zoning and permitting needs. We provide comprehensive services by assembling and managing a team of expediters, zoning attorneys, and design professionals. We cut-through the City’s red tape so you don’t have to.  Whether for a new business, investment, development, or other project, you can trust that the entirety of your project is moving along quickly and efficiently.

What We Do For You

Zoning / Use Permits

We specialize in Zoning / Use Variance projects as well as obtaining by-right Zoning and Use Permits.

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Building Permits

As expediters, we obtain your Building Permits for a new construction, additions or any other projects.

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Other Licenses, Permits & Abatements

We help with other projects such as sign permits, Tax Abatements, and Housing Inspection License(s).

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Why Choose Philly Zoning?


You will avoid common pitfalls and no longer have to waste your time waiting in lines at L&I.  Timing is everything in this business, so well-calculated hustle is the theme behind our operations.

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Poorly-managed projects that drag out forever wastes your money. Our goal is to help you open your business, build your project, or get your investment cash flowing as fast as possible.

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These projects turn into nightmares when you try to do it yourself or work with the wrong people.  Plus, we can quickly navigate the City’s procedures and requirements. We got your back.

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Find out how we can help you complete your project!

Who We Help


You may need a Use Variance to maximize an investment, achieve compliance, or because of a hardship that requires it. We understand the politics of neighborhoods and what L&I and the Zoning Board require. We work with you to establish the best way forward for your specific project so that your money is being well-invested and the most successful strategy is deployed.

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There are many moving parts to a single development project; let alone multiple at a time. It is vital that you work with people who get the job done correctly and efficiently. (We pride ourselves on running a tight ship.) We can acquire your by-right zoning permits, execute the entirety of zoning /use variance projects, obtain building permits, and process tax abatements.

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Business Owners

Certain businesses require certain zoning permits and business licenses; such as a special exception variance or a Zoning / Use registration permit. In addition, you will need certain pre-requisite licenses, accounts, and permits such as a Commercial Activity License.  We handle the entire process for you so you can get your business up and running as quickly and cohesively as possible.

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Join dozens of others who currently trust Philadelphia Zoning for all their zoning needs.


“As a developer, I don’t have time to manage the logistics that go into zoning projects. Before working with Philadelphia Zoning, I had to go down to the city to do my own expediting, etc. PZ is a one stop shop that hires and manages everything in-house (zoning attorney, architect/engineer, expediters) to make sure the process is effective and efficient, which saves me time, money, and energy.”

– Shawn Bullard, CEO of Watchmen Property Management & Konkrete Investments

“For my acupuncture studio to get off the ground, it was essential that my home be re-zoned to accommodate a business on the first floor. Jordan and Alexa at Philadelphia Zoning made it happen, allaying my fears every step of the way. To those who say I didn’t need a zoning attorney and could have done it myself: the time saved and headaches prevented by hiring people who specialize in zoning law made it worth every penny.”

– Eva Zeller, Owner – Acupuncture Off Broad

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Find out how we can help you complete your project!

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